Health Benefits of Whole Grains | Weight Loss

Health Benefits of Whole Grains and Weight Loss: There are studies which correlate the the health benefits of eating whole grains with weight loss as well as other health benefits amongst non-diabetic people.

One of the reasons for whole grains weight loss benefits given typically, and likely correctly, points out that refined grains with all the nutrients and fiber stripped out are pretty much pure starch which when eaten are readily and rapidly digested and turned into glucose which gives a big spike in blood glucose levels - for non-diabetics (and of course for diabetics). For the non-diabetic, this rapid surge in blood glucose levels causes their healthy pancreas to produce a commensurately large surge of insulin which in essence is an overcompensation for the rapid and massive surge in blood glucose levels.

We did not evolve to eat processed grains, and when we feed ourselves these highly refined processed grains our body is not able to respond adequately to deal with this kind of un-natural diet. All the millions of years of evolution optimizing our metabolism of whole grain foods just can't handle the changes in our diet we have inflicted upon ourselves in the recent thousands of years.

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