Health Benefits of Whole Grains | Weight Loss

So if a non-diabetic healthy pancreas is happily churning out insulin to compensate for the huge surge in blood glucose which comes from eating the processed grains, why is this bad? How does the insulin surge specifically cause weight gain?

The problem arises when the initial high blood glucose levels in the burst of blood sugar from the meal of processed grains (the same holds true and even more so for meals of sugar enriched processed foods, of course), there is still more insulin in the blood and the result is that the blood glucose levels for this non-diabetic person will now go too low. This signals the brain to eat!

This non-diabetic person then reaches for the candy bar, the quick snack cookie, the quick fix to the brains complaint...

Thus, one meal of processed grains (with no shortage of calories, but with a great shortage of healthy nutrients) begets another. The result, tons of calories consumed, few nutrients, little fiber, healthy fats or protein - resulting in weight gain and poor nutrition as well.

In contrast, the health benefits of whole grains work in reverse.

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!