Whole Grains for Diabetics : Fact or Fiction?

Yes. Whole Grains are Superior to Processed

Whether you are a diabetic or not, the rule that eating less processed foods is healthier than eating more processed foods holds true. Compare the poison sold by fast food chains like McDonalds vs. blueberries and spinach, if you want to...

Yes. There is no question that you are better off eating whole grains than processed grains. Period.

No. Whole Grains for Diabetics are not a Panacea!

However, if you are already a diabetic and are asking what are recommended whole grains for a diabetic diet or want to know if you can either keep eating all the whole wheat bread you ate before you were diagnosed or just change your white rice to brown rice and have your diabetes under control - without taking medications to artificially lower your blood glucose levels (and the associated risks of those medications) - the likely answer to your question is 'No, you can't eat the amount of breads, muffins, rice, cereals etc. that you ate before.'

As a diabetic it is not so simple as changing sugar frosted flakes for bran flakes, changing a white bread for a whole grain bread, or white rice for brown rice.

Why Can't You Believe the 'Studies' and Advice you Hear?

The following sections will help you to understand why for those using dietary control of diabetes and lifestyle intervention rather than resorting to medications which artificially lower blood glucose levels - whole grains for diabetics are not necessarily a viable solution.

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