Mythology - from my experience

When you tell anyone you are a diabetic, it seems that there is at least a 50% chance that they are going to claim to be an expert on the subject themselves either because they just want to help you out, or because they know someone who knows someone who might know a diabetic - and they want to tell you all the things you are doing wrong...

Sometimes these well meaning folks are in the medical profession. Most often they are your friends or work acquaintances, or perhaps your own family members. Just about 100% of the time they mean to help. 

However, in spite of their good wishes, in my personal experience, I have found that much of the advice I receive may be wrong for me personally, even when it may come from someone medically trained to help diabetics! Even if their advice may work have worked for others, it may not work for me.

You will find out, if you have not already, that no one who is not diabetic themselves will ever truly understand what it is like for you, and even other diabetics are going to have different experiences from you in many many aspects of the disease.

This includes your treating doctors and diabetes clinic staff. You must listen to everything, but validate everything.

The best and most reliable source of information about what works for you and the final truth will only come from how your body responds to your actions - whether it be a food you eat, a medication you take, or a change in how you live.

What follows here are some of the things that I personally found false for my type 2 diabetes management, but which are so commonly recommended that I would call them mythological in nature.

My Personal Myths: Whole Grains

My Personal Myth: Whole Grains

Probably the second most common…

My Personal Myths: Snacking

My Personal Myth: Snacking

While I learned a tremendous amount…

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