Diabetes Medications vs. Dietary Control of Diabetes

While this website should benefit those diabetics who are on medications for their diabetes management, anyone in that category should be mindful to:

1. Be wary of drug food interactions.

2. Work with their doctor and demand to understand the risks associated with the medication they are prescribed.

3. Talk with their doctor about what they can do to use less medication and more dietary control.

I have done some writing addressing the question of medications to lower blood glucose levels vs. keeping blood glucose levels down through dietary control of diabetes and lifestyle intervention.

I'll post more about this - the most important factor to remember as a non-medicating diabetic is that many of the diabetes medications are designed to continuously and artificially lower blood glucose levels irrespective of what the pill taker is eating or doing. Those who are on those medications must eat to avoid potentially devastating side effects caused by blood glucose levels which are too low!

For those treating their diabetes without medications, it is highly unlikely that they ever will have a life threateningly low blood glucose level as can happen with those on such medications. Your situation is entirely different - and your diet and lifestyle changes will reflect that.

On the reverse side, if you are treating your diabetes with medications you should be aware that foods can interact adversely with drugs.

In particular, some of the foods and spices discussed at this website may not be appropriate to consume without stopping or adjusting your diabetes medications. Talk with the doctor prescribing your medications about any new foods and dietary changes you make.

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!