The Diabetes Clinic

I found that a nearby and highly recommended medical foundation had a specific diabetes care section, and that they offered a 2 week program for newly diagnosed diabetics to learn together in a group setting.

This gave me a great start.

In the classes they taught how to use the glucose monitor (finger stick glucose meter). They had powerpoint presentations about diabetes, both type 2 diabetes and type 1 diabetes. They had detailed and informative handouts which were a good start to understanding my type 2 diabetes.

This initial class was an excellent starting point for me, but it was only the starting point. It was, however, tremendously beneficial to meet other people with the same disease and be able to ask questions of someone whose job it was to inform about diabetes.

If you have access to something similar, try to take advantage of it.

Ask your primary care physician if there is anything like it for you in your area.

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