Common Sense and your Doctor

Your Doctor

You MUST be your own advocate. All too often doctors run their practices with profit as the first priority. You can understand why in today's world of cost cutting HMOs, PPOs, and the like, but it doesn't help you at all.

My personal experience with the doctor who first found I was a type 2 diabetic was that I was no more than a number to him, and the prospect of my ever getting more than 15 minutes of his time was out of the question. I fired him. I mined my network of friends in the medical community, and I got recommendations for others to replace him. I talked to several prospects, and I found a new doctor to be my GP. I participated in diabetes education programs. I hope your experience is better than mine, but if you doubt in any way that the doctor treating you is not good enough - find another.

You may have an excellent doctor who understands you well and is an expert in diabetes.

You may have an excellent doctor who has always been great for all your problems, but has never treated a diabetic before in his career and only remembers what he learned 30 years ago in med school.

You may have a woefully incompetent doctor!

How do you know? 

Knowing that you are forever fighting with Big Pharma spending countless millions trying to get their pills into you, you have to have a healthy skepticism about what is recommended to you and/or what you read or hear - even from your doctor.

Ask questions. Make them fully justify any recommendations they make, most particularly for medications. If they can't explain to you satisfactorily why what they are recommending is the correct path, then find another doctor. If they are unwilling to discuss with you your lifestyle, your diet, your health, and instead they simply want to sell you a pill without listening to and learning from you about your individual case, then find another doctor.

Exercise your common sense at all times. Do not settle for less than the best care you can get. Diabetes is not a headache which will go away with an aspirin, and the consequences for mis-treatment are severe. You will eventually find a doctor who is worthy of treating you. They are out there!

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