Undiagnosed Type 2 Diabetes: Dangers

Hidden Dangers for Undiagnosed Type 2 Diabetics

On a more somber note, the flip side of this is that you may be a type 2 diabetic and not know it because the only common test for type 2 diabetes is a the fasting blood glucose test followed if warranted by the A1c test (which because it is more expensive is rarely if ever carried out if the fasting glucose levels do not suggest it). You may be an active, fit individual eating a decent diet and within the boundaries recommended for non-diabetics as far as LDL cholesterol levels and blood pressure and showing no elevated fasting glucose levels because a) your active lifestyle masks your diabetes b) you body is compensating for it physiologically. Because the only common test for diabetes is to look at blood sugar levels, you will never know you are diabetic and therefore at greater risk of heart problems, because you never show the telltale symptom of elevated blood sugar levels! Maybe you have insulin resistance (which is more and more thought to be causative for increased risk of cardiovascular troubles in type 2 diabetics), but your pancreas is simply compensating by producing more insulin. You therefore never show an elevated blood glucose level, but you are still at risk for diabetic health problems on account of the insulin resistance! There is as yet no solution to this, as unfortunately, there are not yet tests for these root causes of diabetes itself.

Likewise, if you are diabetic and managing your blood glucose levels, it does not mean that you have achieved a diabetes diet cure of diabetes. If your blood pressure is still elevated, and your cholesterol and triglyceride levels are high, having your blood glucose levels low does not exempt you from health risks of heart and cardiovascular disease.

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