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Your Diagnosis may Save Your Life

If you are newly diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic through a fasting glucose test and a follow up A1c test, on account of that hallmark symptom of the disease alerting your doctor to your diabetes, this may be the diagnosis that saves your life by saving you from a life threatening cardiovascular episode on account of an LDL cholesterol level which for a non diabetic might be considered perfectly acceptable. Someone who was diabetic but did not yet show the elevated blood glucose levels as a symptom might never know this and never address the LDL cholesterol levels - thinking they are part of the 'normal' population and not at elevated cardiovascular risk.

So in some ways one can consider it fortunate that the 'modern' lifestyle today does a great job in exposing diabetics who may not yet have shown the primary symptom of the disease (the high glucose levels). I can vouch for that. Not exercising. Eating a bad diet. Live an unhealthy lifestyle, and if you are diabetic it will manifest itself as high blood sugar levels. If not for that, I would not have known, and I would not have changed my life for the better.

This is not the full story, however.

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