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What this Means to You

The root causes of diabetes are still very poorly understood, and because of this at this time NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO REALLY TELL YOU EXACTLY WHAT IS CAUSING YOU TO SUFFER FROM DIABETES at the deepest root level of the disease. Likely you can identify things which are contributing to the elevated blood sugar which brought the diabetes to your attention - but is it caused by 'insulin resistance', problems with the liver, problems with the pancreas, other physiological problems? There are not tests to tell you answers to those questions.

This is vital to understanding diabetes and understanding how to care for yourself and how important it is to change your life after your diagnosis.

Being overweight, being sedentary, eating poorly, eating well but not a diabetic diet, all these things will contribute to cause your blood glucose levels to be elevated and get you diagnosed as diabetic. Address these lifestyle problems and/or take medications, and you may find that your blood glucose levels become acceptable. This is a tremendous step forwards. It will save you from the health problems which arise directly from the diabetes symptom of elevated blood sugar. However, you are still diabetic in spite of having suppressed the symptom of elevated blood sugar. Whether this is through a diabetic diet alone, or through medication, most likely you remain at greater risk for certain health risks which are not caused directly by the elevated glucose levels in your blood. Don't stop your diabetes fight there!

This is very important. Reducing blood sugar levels is step 1. It saves you from the complications which arise from elevated glucose levels. You reduce your chances of blindness, you reduce your chances of kidney failure, you reduce your chances of neuropathy and amputations. Most likely, however, you don't resolve the underlying root cause of the diabetes in the first place - the root cause of what makes you have the elevated glucose when you lived the way you did before addressing your glucose levels.

You remain, in spite of lowering your blood glucose levels, at greater risk for heart problems than a non-diabetic - even when our blood glucose levels are in control.

This is not to say that you can't do anything about it! You can, and you will. There are many many things, including medications, which can alleviate your high glucose levels, get your cholesterol and lipids and blood pressure at healthy levels, and change your life for the better. That is what this website is about.

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