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Diabetes Diet Cure - false security through looking at blood glucose levels alone: We have talked about undiagnosed type 2 diabetes and the health risks that come with not realizing one is diabetic. If you are on arguably a good diabetic diet which brings our A1c down to good levels and you are neglecting your LDL cholesterol levels and blood pressure, you still are at elevated risk for life threatening heart and cardiovascular disease troubles. Don't mistake a diabetic diet meal plan which brings your blood glucose levels down for a diabetes diet cure of the disease. It is pretty much a sure thing that the underlying disease of type two diabetes is not cured by any type two diabetes diet.

However, the good news is that even though you haven't gotten a diabetes diet cure you have the potential to not only reduce your risks of the complications of diabetes to no more than those of a non-diabetic, but as we have found for ourselves, having diabetes has been the best motivator we have ever had for completely reforming a sloppy lifestyle and diet and likely we will live longer (and we are living happier) as a diabetic than we would have had we kept living as we were and not been diabetic.

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